Previously on Lost Season 4

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This week’s contestant on the magical mystery ride that is Lost is Sayid. He’s won a golfing holiday and a new job.

The opening sequence sees Sayid meditating, or something like that, before getting up and walking toward Naomi’s body where he puts his hand over her eyes and closes her eyelids. Why they hadn’t already done that I’m not sure. He removes a bracelet that she was wearing, on the inside is an inscription which reads “N, I’ll always be with you. R.G.”. This begs the question who is R.G., and how are they connected.

To the first ‘flash’ of the episode, and we see Sayid playing golf when he is approached my a man. After a brief talk Sayid reveals to this man that he was the recipient of a large amount of compensation, from a plane crash, and that he is one of the Oceanic 6, instantly this guy looks worried, why? As the man goes to leave Sayid calls out to him by name, “Mr Avellino”, and as he turns around Sayid shoots him and then leaves. Seemingly Sayid has gone bad since leaving the island, but why? And who exactly was Mr Avellino and why did Sayid kill him?

Flash Back

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Previously on Lost Season 4

Confirmed Dead

Better late than never, but sometime you can not help these things. Onwards. The Losties all 324 of them are confirmed dead…really? but…but?

We open with a familiar scene to anyone who was following the Fund 815 ARG in the lead up to the premiere, we see two remotely operated vehicles (ROV) searching for something in the depths of the ocean. Low and behold what do they find but the wreckage of Oceanic 815 at the bottom of a trench.

There are a couple of inconsistencies between the way it played out in this episode and how it played out in Find815, but I think thats probably something to do with them being produced separately. After all they do say that it was the crew of the Christiane 1 that found it, so that fits, but in Find 815 there was only one ROV. At least I’m pretty sure there was.

Flash Forward Season 4

Times are shifting…

I’ve already covered bits of this in a couple of other posts, but episode 2 “Confirmed Dead” adds some interesting points to my argument.

On the Island it is supposedly almost Christmas 2004, remembering that the plane crashed on the 22nd September 2004.

In Find815 the main character Sam made mention that he wouldn’t be home for Christmas (no year mentioned), which would lead you to believe that the expedition he was on was taking place around December/January. Originally I thought this was taking place at the end of 2007/start of 2008, to coincide with the “press release” from Oceanic stating that they would begin flying again on the 31st December 2007. Seemed to make sense that they would abandon the search, and then resume flying. Right?

Previously on Lost Season 4

The Beginning of the End

So Lost has finally returned, and now that the first episode has aired here in Australia I can fairly safely share my thoughts without spoiling things. This will be the case each week, so effectively I’ll be a week behind with my theorisations.

I don’t know about everyone else but I almost instantly picked up that it was Jack who was watching the TV at the beginning. Not sure why, maybe it was that he was having some sort of alcoholic drink early in the morning, or maybe because up to this point all season premieres had revolved around Jack.

Previously on Lost Season 3

Through the looking glass

…and before the beginning of the end.

So last week on the night before the premiere I figured it was worth jumping ahead in my “re-watching” to the season 3 finale. I’m going to summarise it all in a single post, some of the more interesting points might get their own post later on. I will also being doing similar summary posts for each episode in season 4, as opposed to the individual tidbits for the older episodes. Enough talk. In no particular order.

When Walt appears, looking down at Locke, he tells Locke he must get up “because you have work to do”, this is an interesting tie-in with the finale mobisode (review coming) in which Christian Shephard says “he has work to do” in reference to Jack.

Flash Back Season 3

Every single living person

So when Ben tells Jack that “every single living person on this island will be killed”, why do I get the feeling that “living” is the key word.

Flash Forward Season 3

Maybe we’ve seen flash-forwards before

Ok, so the one of the “big” things to come from the season 3 finale was the introduction of the flash-forward element to the Lost story, or was it. Yes it probably was the introduction, but consider this for a moment.

What if some of the flash-backs we have seen in previous episodes were actually flash-forwards and it just didn’t occur to us. Its probably a stretch but I’m sure I’m not the only person who has had this thought. Think about all those flash-backs we’ve already seen, do any of them jump about as being out-of-place?

Find 815 Flash Forward

When exactly did Oceanic start flying again?

After more thought, and a little more investigation I’m not 100% when the Find 815 ARG was taking place. There doesn’t appear to be any mention of a year throughout the whole story. The original “press release” from ABC that stated that Oceanic was returning to the airways on the 31st of December, but in what year.

Initially I just assumed 2007, since that was when the press release came out, but by the time the Find 815 story concluded I wasn’t so convinced. This is why. At the end of Find 815 they discover Flight 815 in deep ocean trench, just like Naomi said when she dropped onto the island near the end of season 3. But events on the show (and on the island) are taking place in 2004. So how would she know (not to mention how would Locke’s Dad know) anything about it if it was supposedly found early in 2008.

The only logical answer I can see is that Oceanic resumed flying in December 2004 not 2007. Either that or the theory that time on the island and time off the island are running at different speeds, ie Naomi is from 2007, but lands on the island in 2004. Yes, sounds far fetched but this Lost.

Flash Back Season 4

Blog Updates

Yes, I’ll be posting my thoughts on Season 4, but I’ll hold off at least until its aired here in Australia. I’m also planning to post my thoughts and observations from the 13 mobisodes, and the Find815 ARG that were happening over the past couple of months. All in good time.