Missing Pieces Previously on Lost

The Deal

Michael is tied up in a hut (looks like its one of the ones that Sayid and co went to investigate at the end of season 2) when he is visited by Juliet, she is there to tell him that he can have the boat that he asked for.

Juliet mentions that she has spent some time with Walt, and that he’s a very interesting kid, thats he’s very smart, and that he’s very special. Michael asks what she means by “special”, Juliet says that Walt is not an ordinary boy and that she is worried about him. She says that she is glad that Michael has agreed to help get Walt away from ‘here’.

Juliet assures Michael that she is not his enemy, and she begins to tell him about the man (Ben) that he is going to free for them, and that he is very important. As she gets up to leave, Juliet says to Michael “you have your list, good luck”…

I liked this one, it was a little longer than the previous two, and although it doesn’t really tell us anything new, it does fill in some information that we had previously just assumed.

Missing Pieces Previously on Lost

The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt

Ahh Frogurt, mentioned so often in the official podcasts, but thankfully not seen in the show itself very often.

Hurley is sneaking away from a tent on the beach when he’s confronted by Neil aka ‘Frogurt’ (can’t recall why he’s called Frogurt off the top of my head though). Hurley is a little startled and drops a bottle of wine that he’s just “borrowed” from Rose and Bernard’s tent.

Neil questions Hurley about his intentions with Libby, and tells Hurley that he’s holding up the line and he should step aside an let someone else step up. Hurley reveals that the reason he has got the wine is that he’s on his way to meet up with Libby, and that “she’s bringing the blankets”…

So it’s fairly clear when this little snippet took place, it was when Hurley and Libby were getting prepared for their ‘date’, Hurley said he’d get the wine and Libby went back to the hatch to get some blankets. She got the blankets, but she also witnessed Michael shooting Ana-Lucia, and in what I think was probably a reflex action Michael shot her as well when she walked in.

Missing Pieces Previously on Lost

King of the Castle

Ok, so its been more than two months. Yes, I’m a bit lazy. I’m going to try and get through some of the “Missing Pieces” mini-episodes that ran in the break between seasons 3 and 4. I’m even going to include the videos (since they are short) because I know most of you didn’t watch them.

Jack and Ben are playing chess, Ben tells Jack that he “fully intends” to keep his promise (to let Jack and Juliet leave the island). Jack questions what he means, Ben tells him that if the Island doesn’t want them to leave that it won’t let them. Jack jokes “what? the island going to sink the sub?”, Ben reassures Jack that he won’t do anything to stop them from going home.

The most interesting point, is that Ben says to Jack that while he may leave the Island the day may come when he wants to return (which the season 3 finale confirms). Ben advises Jack that when that day comes, that he remember this conversation.

Nothing too fascinating revealed in this one, other than Ben seems happy to honour his deal with Jack (and Juliet) “as long as the island lets him”. Locke blew up the sub because the island told him to, so I guess Ben was right, whether or not he himself would have ended up doing something to prevent them leaving we may never know.