Missing Pieces Previously on Lost

The Deal

Michael is tied up in a hut (looks like its one of the ones that Sayid and co went to investigate at the end of season 2) when he is visited by Juliet, she is there to tell him that he can have the boat that he asked for.

Juliet mentions that she has spent some time with Walt, and that he’s a very interesting kid, thats he’s very smart, and that he’s very special. Michael asks what she means by “special”, Juliet says that Walt is not an ordinary boy and that she is worried about him. She says that she is glad that Michael has agreed to help get Walt away from ‘here’.

Juliet assures Michael that she is not his enemy, and she begins to tell him about the man (Ben) that he is going to free for them, and that he is very important. As she gets up to leave, Juliet says to Michael “you have your list, good luck”…

I liked this one, it was a little longer than the previous two, and although it doesn’t really tell us anything new, it does fill in some information that we had previously just assumed.