Missing Pieces Previously on Lost

Room 23

This missing piece is all about Walt, but he’s not shown and his name isn’t even mentioned.

When it starts Juliet is standing in a corridor, and there are people rushing by with an alarm going off in the background. Ben approaches from the end of the corridor, and asks what’s happening, Juliet replies “he did it again”. Ben questions this, “did what again?”, Juliet says “you know”.

Ben tells Juliet that she’s going to have to ask him to stop doing it. Juliet refuses to go into the room, says no one else will go in there either because they are all scared. They talk about ‘him’ (Walt) and Ben says that it was Jacob that wanted him there because he’s special. Juliet disagrees, she says he’s dangerous. She takes Ben outside to show him something.

Once they are outside Juliet says “what kind of a child does this?” and shows Ben a ‘collection’ of dead birds on the staircase, just below a boarded up window which we can assume is the window to Room 23 where Walt is being kept. I suppose whatever “it” is that he’s doing is resulting in the dead birds.

Missing Pieces Previously on Lost

The Watch

This was actually the first “Missing Piece” to be released, and probably the least interesting. Anyway, I said I would recap them all so I won’t skip it, if you find anything of interest in it leave a comment.

Jack is on a beach throwing rocks when he’s approached by his Dad. Jack says that he’d rather be “out here” than be inside with Sarah and the wedding planners. This at least lets us know when its taking place, and fits it together with the previously seen flashback conversation between Jack and his Dad when Jack was sitting by the pool trying to write his wedding vows.

Christian says that he’s got something to give Jack before “things get crazy” and he pulls a watch out of his pocket that he says his Father gave him before he got married. When Jack says he’s never seen him wear it, Christian tells Jack that because he never has, because his Father didn’t like Jack’s Mother, and thought marrying her was a mistake.

Christian tells Jack that, unlike him, he has made the absolute right choice (does that mean Christian is admitting that his Father was right?). Jack takes the watch, and puts it on, and before his Dad leaves he asks Jack to promise that if he ever has a kid to treat him better than he treated Jack.

Missing Pieces Previously on Lost

Operation Sleeper

Jack is awoken by Juliet who says that they need to talk. She says how ever since she arrived at the beach that many of the people don’t trust her, and that she’s there to hurt them. Juliet tells Jack that its only a metter of time until they figure out that they are right.

Juliet tells Jack that they shouldn’t trust her, and that she’s still working for Ben. And that he sent her to their camp to study the women, and find out which ones were pregnant. Jack asks why, to which Juliet responds “so he can take them, he promised me no-one would get hurt.”

Jack gets annoyed (understandably), saying that he thought Juliet was one of them, and that she wanted to get off the island as much as he did. She quickly points out that while that may be the case, neither of them go off the island in the submarine. Juliet says that she was naive to think that ‘he’ would let them leave. Jack objects, saying that Ben was in a wheelchair (and hence couldn’t have been responsible for the destruction of the sub), and that Locke was the one that blew it up. Juliet’s response. “Was he?”

Flash Forward Season 4

He moved the Island

So Ben “moved” the island, how about that. First lets go back to episode 9 “The Shape of Thing to Come”, remember that Ben wakes up in the middle of the Sahara Desert (presumably in Tunisia) wearing that jacket with the Orchid station emblem, and the name Halliwax on it, and with a cut on his right arm. When he arrives at the hotel in Tunisia he asks what the date is… its October 21st 2005. Right, ok.

Ben told Locke that whoever moved the island couldn’t come back. He didn’t say anything about traveling over 10 months into the future at the same time. When Ben ‘moves’ the Island its around day 100-101, which would be around New Year’s Day 2005. It seems pretty straight-forward that Ben ends up in the Sahara as a direct result of moving the Island, especially since he’s still got the cut on the arm (from when he fell down the ladder), and he’s wearing the jacket with the same name on it.

Flash Back

Previously on Lost Version 2

So this is the product of me avoiding the half written posts that I’ve been meaning to finish for weeks. My bad. I’m taking a slightly different approach with this new ‘version’ in and effort to try and encourage me to post things more often during the ‘off-season’. I’ve got a couple of recaps to finish (and several to start), plus the ‘Missing Pieces’, and some theories, plus the continuation of my ‘rewatching’ that I started prior to Season 4. So how long before I get distra…ooo theres something shiny….