Missing Pieces Previously on Lost

The Watch

This was actually the first “Missing Piece” to be released, and probably the least interesting. Anyway, I said I would recap them all so I won’t skip it, if you find anything of interest in it leave a comment.

Jack is on a beach throwing rocks when he’s approached by his Dad. Jack says that he’d rather be “out here” than be inside with Sarah and the wedding planners. This at least lets us know when its taking place, and fits it together with the previously seen flashback conversation between Jack and his Dad when Jack was sitting by the pool trying to write his wedding vows.

Christian says that he’s got something to give Jack before “things get crazy” and he pulls a watch out of his pocket that he says his Father gave him before he got married. When Jack says he’s never seen him wear it, Christian tells Jack that because he never has, because his Father didn’t like Jack’s Mother, and thought marrying her was a mistake.

Christian tells Jack that, unlike him, he has made the absolute right choice (does that mean Christian is admitting that his Father was right?). Jack takes the watch, and puts it on, and before his Dad leaves he asks Jack to promise that if he ever has a kid to treat him better than he treated Jack.