Missing Pieces Previously on Lost

The Envelope

Unlike all the other Missing Pieces which were filmed specifically to be shown as “mobisodes”, this one is actually a deleted scene from “A Tale of Two Cities” (the season 3 premiere). It appears to be set just prior to the book club meeting that we see at the beginning of season 3.

As it begins there a smoke alarm going off and Juliet rushes into the kitchen where the muffins she was baking are burning, as she gets them out she grabs onto the pan and burns herself. The doorbell rings, and its Amelia (thanks Lostpedia)… I’m pretty sure the only time we’ve seen her before is in the season 3 premiere at the book club meeting. Anyway.

Amelia starts to question Juliet, she asks “its him isn’t it?”, Juliet knows who she means but responds “who?”, “Ben.”. Amelia asks if she invited him today, Juliet says that things have gotten awkward. Amelia asks Juliet if he finally told her how he felt (something we don’t end up finding out until later in season 3). Juliet says he didn’t say anything, that its just complicated.

“Complicated doesn’t make you cry” Amelia questions, Juliet says shes crying because she burnt her hand, “that doesn’t make you cry either”. When Amelia asks (again) “what happened”, Juliet tells her that she “thinks they are in big trouble”. Juliet says that she will show here something if she promises not to tell anyone.

Juliet goes over to the kitchen drawer and pulls out an envelope. Just as she starts to take the contents out of the envelope to show Amelia the door bell rings, and we don’t see what happens. My guess is that she put it back in the envelope.

So what might have been in the envelope? The most likely option is that its to do with Ben’s tumor (probably the x-rays that we saw at one point), and because he’s the leader that why Juliet feels that they are in trouble.