Missing Pieces Previously on Lost

Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Golf Course

The title of this piece sums it all up pretty well. Jin, Hurley and Michael are playing golf on the island. Jin is lining up a putt to win, and when he misses the putt Hurley congratulates Michael on winning and then Jin starts to throw his tantrum.

From Jin’s ranting it would appear that he’s just upset because no-one on the island understands him, he think they all pity him (or at leats that Hurley and Michael do) and he doesn’t like it. He just wants something to go right and to get of “this horrible island”. As Jin begins to calm down he’s just sitting there saying to himself “I’m so alone”.

Only two more ‘Missing Pieces’ to go, including the last one which I think is probably the best one. Its also been semi-confirmed that the ‘Missing Pieces’ will be one of the additional features on the Season 4 DVDs when they are released in a couple of months.