Previously on Lost Season 4

The Economist

This week’s contestant on the magical mystery ride that is Lost is Sayid. He’s won a golfing holiday and a new job.

The opening sequence sees Sayid meditating, or something like that, before getting up and walking toward Naomi’s body where he puts his hand over her eyes and closes her eyelids. Why they hadn’t already done that I’m not sure. He removes a bracelet that she was wearing, on the inside is an inscription which reads “N, I’ll always be with you. R.G.”. This begs the question who is R.G., and how are they connected.

To the first ‘flash’ of the episode, and we see Sayid playing golf when he is approached my a man. After a brief talk Sayid reveals to this man that he was the recipient of a large amount of compensation, from a plane crash, and that he is one of the Oceanic 6, instantly this guy looks worried, why? As the man goes to leave Sayid calls out to him by name, “Mr Avellino”, and as he turns around Sayid shoots him and then leaves. Seemingly Sayid has gone bad since leaving the island, but why? And who exactly was Mr Avellino and why did Sayid kill him?